Whether you are writing a grant application, manuscript or presentation, you have limited space to explain your science. Figures that are clear, intuitive and robust to misinterpretation are essential to your success.


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Through my consulting services I offer support with grant applications, manuscripts and more. Services include conceptualizing and creation of figures from raw data, design of infographics, procedural flow charts, results frameworks etc. I can also polish or rework your existing figures to make them more visually appealing and intuitive.


With over a decade of academic experience and a passion for science communication, I have the skills needed to make your findings more accessible, memorable and impactful. 

For examples of my work, see here


Want to learn how to make better figures yourself? These e-courses will walk you through the art of making effective figures. This includes everything from helping you choose which data to present and how to present it, to teaching you how to format and polish your final product. Courses are aimed at academics (graduate students, postdocs, faculty and staff) but the concepts will also apply broadly to other sectors including business, government, NGOs and more. E-courses coming soon! 


I have a PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Alberta (2015) and several years of experience in conducting research, publishing, presenting at conferences and contributing to grant applications. I bring together a solid academic track record (see Google Scholar or my CV) and a passion for transforming data and ideas into visually appealing, intuitive and memorable figures that will elevate your results. 

Using my expertise to get to the heart of your data, as well as the statistics and science behind it, I will brainstorm creative ways to visually showcase your data in order to communicate effectively to your audience.