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I offer a number of in-person and virtual workshops aimed at helping graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, faculty and other researchers learn how to improve their scientific figures. Participants learn about the elements of effective figure design, visual communication, and formatting for clarity. Examples from published literature are used to highlight best practices and help learners identify pitfalls in academic data visualizations. Workshops include:

  • The fundamentals of effective scientific figure design (2 hours)

  • Crafting a compelling graphical abstract (1 hour)

  • Persuasive figures for health research grant applications (2 hours)

  • Designing an engaging scientific poster (2 hours)

I have presented these workshops to researchers at a range of institutions including :

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Email to learn more or book for your program/institution.


Want to learn this material at your own pace? Check out my self-paced online course that covers much of the material presented in my main live workshops, plus some bonus modules.


"The Figures First workshop opened my eyes to how critical it is to get figures right for papers and presentations. Sarah gave great examples of what works and what doesn't, and a concrete set of guidelines for creating figures."


Post Doctoral Fellow, University of Calgary

"This workshop is one of the most thorough and educational I've ever attended. Everything is so well-delivered that you never feel the urge to look at your phone or check your watch. Every minute was jam-packed with practical advice and keen insights."


PhD Student, University of Alberta

"The workshop was fantastic, the content was very useful and presented in a highly engaging manner. I learned a number of critical aspects of figure design that I will be implementing from now on to help my work stand out."

PhD Candidate, University of Toronto

"Very logical and engaging presentation tailored to the groups needs, thank you so much!"

Undergraduate Student, University of British Columbia

"Really useful workshop on how to elevate your research in posters, papers or presentation. Was a very engaging talk and made it easy to understand the differences between okay and great figure options. Learnt a lot of neat tricks that I will be including in my next work!"

MSc Student, University of Calgary

"I wish I had this workshop when I started graduate school. Dr. Treit did an excellent job explaining how to think about figures and how to use them, while also giving a lot of practical advice."

PhD Candidate, University of Calgary

"I attended Dr. Treit's seminar on Figure preparation for grant submissions, and found it be excellent. Relevant to everyone from students through PDFs and faculty in clearly describing the factors one needs to keep in mind when presenting data that will generate real impact on your next grant application. Highly recommended!"

Professor, University of Calgary

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